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Inherently Acoustic
and Wonderfully Simple

Isover offer a range of market proven, acoustic mineral wool insulation solutions that enable tailored sound reduction. Whether your goal is to meet the needs of building regulations or surpass them, Isover acoustic mineral wool has been tested in a range of applications to deliver the correct level of acoustic attenuation.


Why Isover Acoustic Insulation

It has never been easier to switch specifications to an Isover acoustic glass mineral wool solution. Meet your objectives and deliver an exceptional level of acoustic comfort with proven solutions, contributing to an improved quality of life for building occupants.

  • Meet or Exceed Regulations

    Specifying Isover acoustic insulation as a key component in separating walls, internal walls and floors significantly increases the overall acoustic performance of a system vs an unfilled cavity. The level of performance can be easily adjusted to perform in line with or above the minimum level required for LABC approval.

  • Robust Detail Compliant

    Isover acoustic solutions include a variety of products found in Robust Details. Using Robust Details removes cost and risk associated with pre-completion sound testing to meet the requirements of Approved Document E England and Wales or Section 5 of the Technical Handbook Scotland.

  • Quick to Install

    The flexible nature of Isover acoustic insulation makes it less susceptible to performance loss due to poor workmanship. Isover products are available in a variety of widths and thicknesses, pre-cut to friction fit within partitions and floors with zero additional fixings, ensuring fast cost efficient installation.

  • Environmentally Sustainable

    Isover acoustic insulation is manufactured using up to 86% recycled glass. Because there is very little waste during manufacture and installation, Isover acoustic mineral wool achieves the highest possible A+ rating in the BRE group’s Green Guide to Specification.

  • Happier Residents

    In Europe alone, some 331 million households have adjoining neighbours, giving rise to a multitude of noise related issues. Research has shown when we remove annoying noise we are more productive, happier and experience fewer health issues; therefore implementing an Isover acoustic glass mineral wool solution is an easy step to improve resident’s quality of life and in turn your reputation as a provider of quality housing.

Discover the Applications

Isover offers a range of acoustic mineral wool insulation tailored to meet the individual acoustic requirements of different areas in the home. Use the diagram below to find the acoustic solution perfect for each application.



Below you will find information on specifications, acoustic solutions & building regulations for England, Scotland and Wales.

If you cannot find the information you require, including advice on acoustic calculations, alternate products or other compliance issues, please contact our Technical Advice Centre on 0115 945 1143 or email


The following videos are useful for understanding the difference acoustic insulation can make to a partition system.

  • Acoustic Benefits of Partition Walls

    Find out how Isover APR can give great acoustic performance, for homes that sound as good as they look.

  • Matching Acoustic Performance to Customers' Requirements

    See how using Isover APR in your next build can enhance build quality and increase sales.

The Solution for Masonry Party Walls

Isover RD Party Wall Roll is a cost effective acoustic insulation used to reduce the passage of sound across a masonry party wall.

dB Station

Hear the difference between partition systems. With indicative sound reduction values from 41dB to 59dB (Rw) dB station is the perfect tool to visualise the difference Isover acoustic solutions can make to your next project.

Training & Courses

We provide a range of RIBA approved and CPD certified training courses so you and your team can expand your knowledge and skill set. Our range of courses include such topics as acoustics and airtightness & moisture management.

For expert advice on acoustic performance, calculations for constructions using Isover products, or alternative product specification suggestions

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